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Locsoft can deliver high-quality multimedia services in all formats using advanced technology.



We can provide transcription of your foreign-language audio and video files. We can transcribe individual and group interviews, broadcasts, panel discussions, dictations, lectures, coaching talks, expert opinions, minutes and manuscripts, for example. We can offer various transcription options, depending on the intended use. Call us to discuss your specific requirements.


With the importance of video, particularly online, multilingual subtitles are essential to help your organisation communicate your message to a worldwide audience.

We can create multilingual subtitles for your professional videos in all languages and areas of expertise and for all video types: conferences, instruction & training videos, tutorials, company presentations, etc.

Send your video file to us and have the subtitles translated into the respective target language(s) in the format you require.

We use the latest technology for audio transcription and video editing to ensure the correct placement of timecodes, subtitle legibility and overall quality.


International companies recognise the importance of speaking to audiences in their own language by creating multilingual voice-over recordings.

Our expert multimedia project managers ensure the best overall quality of voice-over production using a specialist team of native-speaking voice-over professionals and experienced sound engineers as well as the latest hardware and software.

We have the experience and the skills to create voice-over recordings for a large number of applications such as training & promotional materials, scripts, sales & corporate presentations, audio webinars, podcasts, mobile applications, audio books, telephone prompts and greetings, navigation devices, automated tellers and many more.

Output files can be delivered in all common media file formats.


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